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Thai massage in Tuggeranong, Canberra

We are proud to be the original Southside Thai massage company. We have been serving the people of Tuggeranong and supporting our local community organizations since we opened in 2010.

We are a small family business and thus strive to provide you with the best massage and the most friendly customer service possible. Our therapists use only premium oils, balms and scrubs to ensure you have the best experience.
If you would like to be pampered or revitalize we invite you to make an appointment with one of our caring massage therapists.

Hours 10am-10pm - 7 days a week

Tuggeranong Square
Shop 3 / 310 Anketell Street, Greenway ACT 2900
Phone: 02 6293 9123

Christmas Specials and Holiday Opening Hours

Is your search for that thoughtful Christmas gift leading you on an endless path? You’re feet are probably aching, as well your head from walking in and out of shops. A gift voucher seems meaningless and you want something that shows you really care.  The team at Sawasdee Thai Massage has the perfect gift solution with a great range of packages that are an ideal treat for your loved one this Christmas.

A Sawasdee gift voucher is always thoughtful, especially when the gift involves something your special someone really needs.

Put a ribbon around one of our deluxe body packages that will revitalise and pamper. You can even get a couples’ package to enjoy together, and ease the tension in your aching feet and head at the same time.

A body scrub and massage of your choice is ideal when you can’t decide if you would like a reflexology massage, deep tissue massage or an aromatherapy oil massage.

We are also now using coconut oil as a premium supplement for our massages. It smells fantastic and has wonderful health benefits such as anti-fungal properties and an abundance of vitamin E to leave your skin nourished, soft and smooth. Coconut oil massages start from $99 for 60 minutes. 

The ultimate body package is 2 hours of pure indulgence. Start by boosting your circulation with a 30-minute foot massage that is a guaranteed stress buster. Then relax with our signature body scrub, followed by a full body aromatic oil massage. It’s a gift that keeps on giving when you drift off into a deep sleep that night too!

Now is also the perfect time to get a Sawasdee membership that rewards you for your loyalty with even more choices.

As a special this Christmas, buy six massages and get one free. If you’re a member, you get a $30 voucher as well. That’s on top of our usual membership privileges such as a free 60-minute massage after every six hours.

Please also take note of our opening hours this Christmas/New Year period.

We will close on December 25 and 26 and reopen until the end of the year for our usual hours from 10am-10pm. We will close again from January 1-4 and reopen again on the 5th. Also on December 24, we will be open from 10am-7pm.

Now that you’ve found the perfect gift, contact the caring and friendly team at Sawasdee Thai Massage and indulge your senses at our shop at Tuggeranong Square, where we are proud to be the original south side Thai massage company.

Traditional Thai Massage

Uses pressure applied to reflex zones on the feet which correspond to other body areas.

The Thai style massage uses both palm and thumb to concentrate on the pressure points of your whole body. This massage includes some stretching, to reduce fatigue and release tight muscles while improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and creating an overall feeling of well being.

Foot Reflexology

Uses pressure applied to reflex zones on the feet which correspond to other body areas.

Reflexology is based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy or “Chi” which unites with reflex points of the feet. This specialized foot massage assists in the relief of stress and tension, helps to improve circulation, and fosters a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.

Thai Remedial Massage

Aims to help the body’s natural healing processes to work most effective to ease pain.

Remedial massage therapy aims to help the body’s natural healing processes to work most effective to ease the pain and discomfort of soft tissue injuries, strains, accidents and illness. Not only can it focus on specific areas but it can also enhance your vitality and sense of well-being through the soothing of the nervous system, increasing the flexibility of connective tissue and fostering a greater freedom of movement from the body.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Uses natural oils to penetrate into the skin and leave both body feeling completely relaxed.

Using a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage allows the healing properties of natural oils to penetrate into the skin which leaves both body and mind felling completely relaxed. It is the most gentle and relaxing.

Body Scrub

Delight your sense with a Sawasdee signature body scrub.

The body scrub is an experience that gently exfoliates and kick start your skin’s rejuvenation system, replenishing the outermost skin cells leaving your entire body feeling soft, hydrated and silky smooth.

Price List

Effective on 15 November 2016
Service30 mins1 Hour1.5 Hours2 Hours
Foot Reflexology$45$75$110$139
Traditional Thai Massage$45$79$115$149
Neck Back and Shoulder Massage$49$89$125$160
Thai/Oil Massage$49$89$125$160
Thai Remedial Massage$49$89$125$160
Deep Tissue Massage$49$89$125$160
Swedish Massage$49$89$125$160
Aromatherapy Oil Massage$49$89$125$160

Sawasdee Combination Packages

Package1 Hour1.5 Hours2 Hours
Foot Reflexology & Traditional Thai Massage$90$125$149
Foot Reflexology & Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai Remedial or Aromatherapy Oil Massage$90$125$160
Body Scrub & Massage of your choice$99$149$189
Foot scrub can be added to your Foot Massage for an additional $5.


Everyone loves receiving special treatment. And being rewarded for their loyalty. Our exclusive Sawasdee membership card does all this and more.

As a Sawasdee member, you’ll receive an individual membership card & have special privileges:

  • You'll receive a free 60 min massage after every six hours,
  • Have the ability to keep track of your previous massage type and preferred therapist,
  • You'll have access to our exclusive offers, 

Most of all, as a Sawasdee member you’ll also be able to earn points towards your next massage by purchasing gift vouchers for your friends and family.

Membership cost is a one off fee of $30.


Feedback from our Customers is always welcome.  
Use the form below to let us know how we can improve or just to let us know what you love about Sawasdee Thai Massage.