Winter Special

Is the winter chill biting at your bones and you’re just not moving like you wish you could? Or do you just crave the gentle and warming touch of hot stones to soothe your sore spots? If so, the expert massage therapists at Sawasdee Thai Massage in Tuggeranong and Bai Po Thai Massage in Dickson have just what you need to warm you this winter. A hot stone massage uses smooth basalt stones that are pre-warmed to your degree of comfort. But to begin, your massage therapist warms your body with hot towels over the soles of your feet, legs and body. A soothing massage then really gets the rejuvenation process going.

Once your body is warm and relaxed, the hot stones work their gentle warming magic wherever you need them. The different sizes can target areas such as stiff necks or aching backs and shoulders. You can even try them on your tummy to help with digestion issues or to soothe abdominal or period pains.

The circular hot stones feel like a smooth and very soothing warm touch that induces that “aahhh” moment where all your stresses melt away. The hot stones also help to promote better circulation throughout your body too. The hot stones are also placed on pressure points along your spine, shoulders and neck. Two warm stones in the palms of your hands help create a warming circuit within, while the massage therapist rubs your head and neck.  

More warm towels are placed over you to further enhance the restorative process and cleanse your body from the lightly scented massage oil. The whole process takes 90 minutes, or you may wish to take a 1-hour version with a shorter massage. 

Call Sawasdee Thai Massage on 6293 9123, or visit Shop 3 / 310 Anketell Street, Tuggeranong Square. 

Call Bai Po Thai Massage on 02 6230 0999, or visit the shop at 67/12 Challis Street, Dickson.

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